About the “Opossum”

Hello! My name is Jordan, and contrary to popular belief I am not, in fact, an opossum.

I am a 7th year teacher from Charlotte, North Carolina, and this summer, I am heading off on a new adventure: 30 days teaching in the Hebei province of China! Although I have traveled abroad in England and Ireland, this will be my first foray into Asia.

Starting July 1st, I set off for Beijing where I will be teaching English literature for 10 days in China’s capital. From there, I head over to nearby Handan where I will be conducting professional development for Chinese ESL teachers. This blog will be where I keep track of my adventures both in teaching and in tourism.

A few things you should know about me:

  • Yes, I love opossums. I know it’s a strange infatuation, but I’ve always had a heart for the little guy, and if any creature is the underdog of the animal world, it’s the didelphis virginiana. Thus, my nickname.
  • I’ve taught high school English in Charlotte, North Carolina for seven years. Before that, I was a member of Teach for America (2010) and before that, I received my BA from Elon University in English literature with minors in religion and theatre arts.
  • I am a consummate bibliophile and tea aficionado.

If any or all of this intrigues you, please follow my blog to read more about my adventures in China! I will be posting at least bi-weekly¬†starting in July, and once I return to the States, I’ll be writing up a series of reflection posts, as well. Comments are always welcome, and I am happy to receive e-mails, as well.


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